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Bloody Hallows’ Eve Punch

Bloody Hallows’ Eve Punch

The *perfect* cocktail to serve in Blood Bags for Halloween, this bright red cocktail will set the mood on All Hallow’s Eve. I found while making these that 180 mL was the perfect volume to fill each bag. If you fill them all the way, they become cumbersome and don’t display as well on a tray or in an ice bucket. If you fill with 180 mL, this recipe will fill 10 bags. If you fill each bag to the brim, this recipe will fill 8 bags. This cocktail is intentionally low sugar. If you like cocktails on the sweeter side, sub the 2 cups of water for 1 cup of water and 1 cup of 1:1 simple syrup. You can also easily sub vodka, rum or tequila for the moonshine if you have another preferred spirit.

Bloody Hallows Eve Punch 🩸
x Christa Cotton
Makes 8-10 cocktails:
• Two 16.5 oz bottles El Guapo® Hurricane Mixer
• 1 cup Moonshine (we used Marigny Moonshine)
• 2 cups water
• 1 tsp edible red glitter (optional… we used Fancy Sprinkles’ Ruby Red Prism Powder)
• Blood Bags or cups, to serve (we purchased these from Amazon)


In a clean 1-gallon pitcher, combine both bottles of hurricane mixer with moonshine and water. Stir well to combine. Add 1 tsp of edible glitter if using, and stir until well dissolved. Using a syringe, pour ~180 mL into each blood bag before capping off with provided clips. Refrigerate until chilled, and serve displayed on a tray or in an ice bucket for your party!

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