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Lengua Milk Punch

Lengua Milk Punch

On the 7th day of Christmas cocktail competition, our favorite humans at Lengua Madre  made for us… a delightful clarified milk punch

Lengua Milk Punch
@opticlark of @lenguamadrenola
Makes 3.5 liters (~20 six oz servings)
• 25 oz @charanda_uruapan blended
• 25 oz Charanda Uruapan single Agricola
• 25 oz lemon juice
• 30 oz apple juice
• 4 oz El Guapo®️ Chicory Pecan Bitters
• 4 oz El Guapo® Holiday Pie Bitters
• 1000 g Louisiana cane sugar
• 2 c Browned butter 🧈
• 2 c Whole milk 🥛
• Skewered hibiscus soaked & dehydrated apple slice, for garnish

Combine brown butter & whole milk in a large, non-reactive container. Slowly add juices, bitters & sugar to a the container to promote curdling, then rest in a refrigerator overnight. Strain the batch through a 100 micron nut milk bag for 2 passes to achieve clarity. This yields roughly 3.5 liters, perfect for a holiday party.

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