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Summery Sober Spritz

Summery Sober Spritz

Summery Sober Spritz

floral, refreshing, alcohol-free

Summery Sober Spritz
El Guapo x @the.sauceress
Makes one mocktail
• 1 oz El Guapo® Cajun Grenadine
• .5 oz lemon juice
• 1 Barspoon rose water
• Fresh cherries
• Soda water
• 6 Dashes El Guapo® Love Potion Bitters
• Garden flowers, for garnish

Remove pits from 2-3 cherries. Combine cherries & lemon juice in a mixing glass and muddle. Add rose water, bitters & grenadine. Stir to combine. Add a splash or two of soda. Stir again & strain into a glass filled with crushed ice. Top off with more soda, to taste. Garnish with some fresh flowers straight from the garden. *pro tip: make sure the flowers you pick are not toxic!

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