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Luck of the iris

Luck Of The Iris

Luck of the iris

HAIL IRIS! @kreweofiris is the oldest & largest women’s parading organization in the State of Louisiana! Cheers to the ladies making Mardi Gras magic possible every year.

Luck Of The Iris 🦄🍋💜
Makes 1 cocktail
The Sauceress
• 1.5 oz Empress Gin
• .5 oz Creme de Violette
• .5 oz El Guapo® Lemon Cordial 🍋
• 2 oz Brut Rosé
• 1 oz Soda Water

• Mint & Brûléed Lemon Wedge, for garnish

Combine Violette Liqueur & Lemon Cordial in a mixing glass. Stir with ice, then add soda water. Strain into a glass full of ice, then add chilled brut rosé. Fill with more ice if needed, then top with a float of Empress Gin. Garnish with fresh mint & brûléed lemon wedge.

Fun fact: Orris Root, which is the root of an Iris variety, is often used to give creme de violette its aroma & flavor.

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