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Passionfruit Staycation

Passionfruit Staycation

Passionfruit Staycation

Zero Proof Spritz

Created by our friends over at Element Shrub in the D.C. area, this zero proof spritz made with Grapefruit Vanilla shrub is a great summer beverage!

Passionfruit Staycation
Makes one cocktail
• 2 oz passion fruit juice
• .5 oz El Guapo® Orgeat
• .75 oz Element Shrub Grapefruit Vanilla
• .25 oz fresh lime juice
• Club soda
• Cinnamon, for garnish

In a clean shaker filled with ice, combine all ingredients except club soda and shake vigorously until well chilled. Strain into a collins glass filled with ice, top with club soda and dust with cinnamon for an optional garnish.

Combine all ingredients except Prosecco in a mixing glass. Shake with ice. Strain into a chilled champagne glass. Top off with 4 oz of very cold Prosecco. Garnish with a lime wheel dipped in edible gold shimmer dust. Serve immediately!

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