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Spiced Candy Cane Julep

Spiced Candy Cane Julep

Spiced Candy Cane Julep

Not every night can be a wild night, amiright?! Here’s a holiday drink for those nights when you need to take it easy & still want to enjoy something fun!

Makes one cocktail

• .5 oz El Guapo® Candy Cane Syrup
• 4 oz Ginger Beer
• 1 slice Jalapeño
• 1 drop pink food coloring (if desired)
• Mint, Jalapeños & Edible Flowers, for garnish


Start by muddling the jalapeño in your cocktail shaker. Add all other ingredients (except the ginger beer) with ice and shake vigorously until combined. Double strain into your favorite glasses that have been filled with ice & top with the ginger beer. Serve garnished with jalapeño, mint & edible flowers.

Candy Cane Julep
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