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Sunset Lemonade

Sunset Lemonade

Sunset Lemonade

Cheers to summer!

x @the.sauceress
Makes one cocktail
• .75 oz El Guapo® Cajun Grenadine
• 1.5 oz Butterfly Pea infused Gin
• .5 oz @campariusa
• 3 oz Lemonade
• 2 oz soda water
• Squeeze of fresh lemon 
• Lemon wedges, baby strawberries & fresh flowers, for garnish

To build in a glass, pour Cajun Grenadine & Campari into the bottom of a Collins glass. Stir to combine. Fill glass entirely with crushed ice. Gently pour in soda water, followed by lemonade & then a squeeze of lemon. Top off by slowly floating infused gin as final layer. Serve immediately & stir before sipping. 

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