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The Queen

The Queen’s Cocktail

The Queen’s Cocktail

Fit for a queen

It’s common knowledge among royal fans that the Queen appreciated a good cocktail. The monarch was rumoured to drink as many as four strong cocktails a day (although people in her inner circle, including former royal chef Darren McGrady, have denied those claims on record in the past).

In her honor, we created a twist on her favourite libation, the Gin & Dubonnet, which she did apparently drink every single day at dinner. The Queen had a page, Paul Whybrew, whose job it was to fix this drink for her every night, but even us mere mortals without, you know, 24/7 staff on-hand to cater to our every need and whim, can make this delicious drink at home. And don’t worry, Dubonnet Rouge is a Parisian aperitif made from fortified wine, herbs, fruit zest and quinine. It’s a cocktail staple and available at any liquor store, so don’t worry: you won’t have to go to Paris to find it.


The Queen’s Cocktail 🍷
Makes 1 serving
📸: @the.sauceress
• 2 oz Dubonnet Rouge
• 1 oz Dry Gin (Gordon’s, if you want to be particularly British)
• 2 Lemon Wedges 🍋
• 2 Dashes El Guapo® Summer Berries Bitters

In a clean shaker filled with ice, add one lemon wedge, Dubonnet Rouge, gin & bitters. Shake until well chilled & strain into a coupe over one large rock. Garnish with a lemon wedge before serving.

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