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Creole Sour

Creole Sour

Creole Sour

A simple sour, but like, Louisiana.

Creole Sour
El Guapo x @thesauceress
Makes one cocktail
• 2 oz Rye Whiskey (I ♥️ @13thcolony)
• 1 oz Lemon Juice 🍋
• 1 oz Mandarin Orange Juice 🍊
• .75 oz El Guapo® Creole Orgeat
• 6 Dashes El Guapo® Cuban Bitters
• Black Peppercorn 
• Egg White
• Dehydrated lemon wheel & pecan half, for garnish 

In a shaker, combine all ingredients except egg white. For peppercorn, add 1 or 2 twists from a grinder. Shake with one large piece of ice until chilled. Strain out ice, add egg white. Shake again for at least a minute. Fine strain into a rocks glass over a couple pieces of fresh ice. Garnish with dehydrated lemon wheel + pecan half. Cheers, y’all!

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