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Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky

Courtesy of James from 5's bar, created for our 2023 Holiday Cocktail Competition. A rendition of your favorite homemade pecan pie. Creamy and refreshing, perfect for any occasion.

The holiday season evokes feelings of nostalgia, and what's better than homemade pie? 


Pie in the sky

(makes 1 cocktail)


1 oz Cyril ZANG “00”Apple Brandy 


.5oz Oloroso Sherry


1oz El Guapo Sweet Potato Syrup


.25 oz St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram 


1oz  Lemon Juice




1.5 oz Heavy Cream


Egg White


Soda water

Hand whip in separate shaker until cloud fluffy. Layer on top. 

Garnish with candied pecan, grated nutmeg, and cinnamon

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