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The 'Merry Christa'

The ‚ÄėMerry Christa‚Äô

Courtesy of Randall, from Hermes Bar, created for our 2023 Holiday Cocktail Competition. A mezacal espresso martini, without the espresso... Absolutely divine!

The 'Merry Christa'
Stirred- Martini Glass

1.5 oz Tia Maria coffee liqueur
.75 oz Mezcal Unión Uno
.75 oz Nocello
.25 oz rich simple 2:1
3 dashes El Guapo Spiced Cocoa Bitters

Stir, Stain 

Top w/ whipped cream
* whipped cream recipe 

Equal parts simple syrup to heavy cream 
Barspoon ground hazel nut
3 dashes El Guapo Barrel Aged Vanilla Bitters
Hand whip in separate shaker until creamy not quite cloud fluffy. Layer on top. 
Dust with extra nutmeg (optional)


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