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Zippy Cosmopolitan

Zippy Cosmopolitan

Zippy Cosmopolitan 🍋🍸
Makes 1 cocktail
📸: @the.sauceress

• 2 oz El Guapo® Lemon Drop Mixer
• 2 oz Vodka
• 1 tbsp unsweetened cranberry juice
• .5 oz Triple Sec
• Lemon wedge, lemon wheel & granulated sugar, for garnish

Circle the rim of a clean martini glass with a lemon wedge. Dip martini glass in granulated sugar & shake gently to remove excess sugar. In a clean shaker filled with ice, combine mixer with vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice. Shake until well chilled & pour into sugar rimmed glass. Garnish with lemon wheel & serve immediately!


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